Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Age of Empire III - Free Age of Empire III Full Version - Free Age of Empire Links

Age of Empire III - Free Age of Empire III Full Version - Free Age of Empire Links

So far you had enjoyed implementing your tactics in Age of Empire II. But know Free Pc Game download the blog brought to you The Age of Empire III full Version for free. AOE III is a real time strategy in sort (RTS). The game control and its fantastic story which flow through game make it more interesting. The Game portrays the European colonization of the American, between approximately AD 1500 and 1850. Eight European civilizations are playable. AOE III is also highly preferred in online as well as on LAN (local area network). Age of Empire III was the seventh best-selling computer game of that year. So far if you have not yet tried playing real time strategy game then you have to go for it, don't miss this opportunity. You just have to download all the links giving below and start playing after few minutes of installation process.

System Requirement:-

Microsoft Windows XP
A computer that has a 1.4 gigahertz (GHz) processor
256 megabytes (MB) of system RAM
A hard disk that has at least 2 gigabytes (GB) of available space
A 32x speed CD drive
A 64 MB video card that supports Hardware Transform and Lighting
An audio card and speakers or headphones
A Microsoft mouse or a compatible pointing device
A 56.6 kilobytes per second (KBps) or faster Internet connection for online play
DirectX 9.0

Installation process.

Extract all the files and mount cd 1 with Demon Tools.
Then Insert Serial Number.
And after that mounth cd 1 and cd 2 in same drive.
If he ask again for cd 1 then mount it in same drive.
Open ISO Mounted file in My Computer.
Copy the Crack and Paste it in the AoE3 directory (microsoftgames/aoe3)

You can also you nero image drive to use this image file for installation.
You can find image drive in nero 7 or above version.

Downloading Links:
Full Versions Links removed due to privacy problems


  1. Os arquivos do CD 1 estão corrompidos. As partes 7 e 5 vem como parte 3. Mesmo que se renomeie, no final da descompactação é pedido a parte 8 que não tem.

  2. want to download the full version of AOE3 from where I will get that?

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