Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ship Simulator 2008 - Free Simulator Games Download - Free Sailing Simulator Download

Ship Simulator 2008 - Free Simulator Games Download - Free Sailing Simulator Download

Many times we are curious about learning various things, but the fact is that we cant. Some times limitation of resources come across or some times we didn't have sufficient time. This blog has solution of everything!!! Ship Simulator 2008 is the latest version of ship simulator games which helps you to learn and understand the basic as well as advance handling of ships. This games will helps you to familiar with various component of ships and guide you and make you able for your initial start up. If you didn't have sufficient time and resources available to learn ship driving you can take the help of Ship Simulator 2008.

Ship Simulator 2008 is the latest version hence, It has improved graphics, New ships add, New locations, High resolution supported which feels like close to real world.

There are some example of common port and open sea environment:


  • San Francisco
  • New York
  • The Solent
  • Hamburg
  • Port of Rotterdam
  • Marseille
  • Phi Phi Islands

Open Sea Environments

  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Bergen North Sea
  • The Solent English Channel
  • Hamburg North Sea
  • Rotterdam North Sea
  • Marseille Mediterranean Sea
  • San Francisco Pacific Ocean
  • New York North Atlantic
System Requirement:

Windows XP, 2 GHz Intel® Pentium® IV or AMD® Athlon™ processor
512 MB RAM
4x CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive
Approx. 300 MB free hard disk space
64 MB 3D accelerated video card with support for Vertex and Pixel shader 1.1.
(nVidia GeForce4+ or ATI)

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  1. i cant find a single free sailing simulation game

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  4. What's The password pls help us because its not only me that need it

  5. hey virtual sailor 7 has a free full version no surveys
    LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?cloecvvg7p2dtk2