Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dead space - Free Download Pc Games - Dead Space Full Version - Dead Space Online Links

Dead Space - Free Download PC Games - Dead Space Full Version - Dead Space Online Links

Dead Space

Dead Space is a game of shooting in the best style "survival horror", as in games of the Resident Evil franchise and the recent Bioshock and Jericho.

In this game you control the maintenance engineer (commonly known as caretaker space) Isaac Clarke - a tribute to two of the greatest writers of science fiction contemporary Issac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke - in charge of coordinating a defective communication system on board a spacecraft to mining. In the process, Clarke discovered the ship was infested with bloodthirsty aliens that decimated the entire crew of the spaceship.

Dead Space will bring about 20 hours of gameplay, in an environment full of suspense and adrenaline. The graphics are well detailed and very light and contribute to creating a climate of tension.

Another highlight of Dead Space is the physics in zero gravity, and the developers based on NASA studies to reproduce the actual behavior of the fire, and the net movement of people in zero gravity.

Dead Space should appeal to all who seek a good thriller, shot, where you must survive at any cost. Fans of other titles such as Bioshock and Jericho should enjoy this game.

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  1. Same thing: how do i dowload?

  2. if you download this game go to

  3. is it true that this game is the number one scariest game? if it is.... HOW DO I GET A FREE DOWNLOAD?! if not.... meh....

  4. is their a virus attatched when idownload it????????????

  5. stupid i mean way better on the xbox horrable graphics and one hit kills u