Monday, July 5, 2010

Download International Cricket 2010 Full Version For PS3 and Xbox 360

Download International Cricket 2010 Full Version From Codemasters For PS3 and Xbox 360

It’s been some years since I have played any cricket game physical or virtual. I think my last cricket game was Brian Lara’s Cricket in 2007. That game produced by Codemasters was impressive and was way better than the stuff Electronic Arts was spewing out very few years before.

International Cricket 2010 which is also produced by Codemasters may not have all the bigwigs making an appearance in the game.

But what it lacks in a big name cast it more than produces up in gameplay. Even if the developers have a couple of namesakes like Sehvak and Tenhukkar who I guess are meant to represent Sehwag and Tendulkar. Cricket enthusiasts will notice more as you play along.


There are many modes of gameplay, you can go the Twenty Twenty way or play a One-day or a test match or even a tournament.

Standard cricket rules apply and the game is immersive enough to get your heart racing throughout the odd catch or a stole run. I normally played the 20-20 for the reason that the game went on for as long as real cricket game.

International Cricket 2010 is a very difficult game but once you get the controls and comprehend how to handle the fielding and batting it gets attractive.

You have to determine where to hit or what fielder position will benefit you the most and even the slightest nudge on the analogue stick can transform a Yorker to an LBW ball.

obviously I suggest the tutorial mode which teaches you the intricate details of the game.


Unfortunately, it undergoes from an identical problems that plenty of the sport videogames undergo from, bad and repeated commentary. 3 games in and the commentator had as good as exhausted every expression in its limited vocabulary.

The crowds were another trouble for me, they seemed satisfactory from far away, but hit a 6 or a 4 and you get to see their evil little pixelated faces. Scary enough to give you night mares, Resident evil should take cue from International Cricket 2010.

Another trouble I had was with the voice of the cricketers, you can hear them shouting out commands to the batsman on the other side. But in spite of who it was the voice was constantly the same one. I mean undoubtedly, the game is on a Bluray disk I am sure you had enough space to record some more voices for the expression “Stay back.”
though, these are just minor difficulties that could be ignored for the number of fun this brings into a game of cricket. At least for somebody like me, who doesn’t undoubtedly care enough to watch cricket on a regular basis or to keep up with who the latest players are.

If there is a cricket game to be purchased I would whole heatedly suggest this one, in truth I will go as far as to mention this is the absolute cricket game I have ever player, physical or virtual.

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